• The Uganda Marathon - An Adventure Like No Other!

    The Uganda Marathon is a week-long adventure in rural Africa. 200 international runners descend on the small African town of Masaka to take part in the event and leave a legacy that will seen for decades.


    Winner of The Best International Event in the 2016 Running Awards, and described by one in five as the 'best week of their lives', the Uganda Marathon has a tight-packed itinerary. From volunteering with grass-roots charity projects, exploring the local community and bringing sports to disadvantaged Ugandan children with KidsRunWild to creating lifelong memories and racing alongside 3,000 locals in Africa's best-loved marathon.


    Taking part in The Uganda Marathon can show you how a race can bring people together and transform a community. The event is Uganda's largest-ever public fundraiser and is key in the local calendar. See the impact on local charity projects, the Masaka Running club and the excitement of an international race in this small but incredible community.


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