• The Heart of Kenya Running

    THE HEART OF KENYAN RUNNING is a unique journey; through running, it takes you to the heartlands of Kenya, in close contact with the culture of the world's strongest runners.


    Our Running Camp is a growth path and meets the needs of all levels of runners. Each day, our Kenyan pacers lead you along endless routes in the surroundings of Iten, the legendary ‘Home of Champions’ at 2.400m above sea level.


    Our camps are organised by T.T.S.Srl and BORN2RUN companies in Italy, together with the High Altitude Training Centre in Kenya. High profile professionals as Head Coach Timothy Limo are part of our staff.


    The ultimate aim of The Heart of Kenyan Running is to create job opportunities to locals through running itself and sports. We aim at offering chances to local runners who haven't made it yet to elite level (our selected Kenyan pacers) and also to the wider community, including coaches and physiotherapists, by showing them that through work and commitment they can rise up from hardship and improve their lives.


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