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    I am a UK Athletics qualified running fitness coach and can draw on the experiences and learning from training for and completing eighteen very different marathons on four continents. I have also represented England at Masters level. I work with a limited number of beginner/improver level runners as well as with community groups.


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    Online 1:1 Coaching

    Personalised training plans, advice on becoming a stronger runner, technique analysis, support and mentorship to help you work toward (and achieve!) your running challenge.

    Online Beginner Groups

    Online support and accountability groups for runners preparing to take on races for the first time or those looking to return to running/physical activity after a break.


    Community Coaching

    Running/movement sessions for community groups. See where to find out if I'm near your community soon.


    "Training with Mark was fantastic. I learnt a huge amount about the different types of sessions I should be doing to improve my running which not only saw big results but also helped keep me motivated and on track. Learning proper technique and how to warm up and down properly also drastically cut the amount of injuries I was getting and my recovery time. Mark was always encouraging, took time to make the sessions interesting and tailor them to what I was trying to achieve. Under his guidance, my half marathon time dropped by about 15 minutes to 1:34! Would highly recommended to everyone from complete novices to intermediate runners looking to really kick on!" - Tom C, London 

    "I’ve used Mark’s plans for a number of marathons. His schedule makes you fast, his strength work keeps you strong, and despite his jokes needing some work, by the time race day comes all you need to do is execute & have fun and the PB’s tumble. Thanks man!" - Phill B, London


    Heart Rate Zone Training encourages you to gear your training sessions to work within one or more specific heart rate training zones (e.g. 'aerobic' zone and 'anaerobic' zone) and target the physical benefits of those zones.
    A good explanation of heart rate training zones and their purposes can be found on the excellent Brian MAC Sports Coach site. There is also a useful tool for calculating your maximum heart rate.


    This pace calculator is used by coaches and runners alike to provide guidance for training and race pacing. Simply enter a recent performance distance and time to calculate suggested training paces for your sessions as well as equivalent race performances.

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