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Running in... Nairobi

A Runner's Guide to Nairobi, by a Local Runner

In this episode of 'Running in...' Hilda gives us the lowdown on running in her home city of Nairobi, Kenya.

Describe the running culture in Nairobi in one sentence

Fantastic and it gets better everyday.

Take us on a tour of your three favourite 'local' running routes in Nairobi

Karura Forest

For the beautiful trails, fresh air and bonding with nature. Nothing beats running while I listen to the flow of the river, the chirping birds and seeing animals in their natural habitat.


The roads in Runda for the challenging hills. It only feels good once I'm done.


Tigoni trails for the beautiful scenery and punishing hills.

Running in Nairobi, a runner at the finish of the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon in Kenya

Hilda at the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

Are you a member of a local running club in Nairobi?

Yes. I'm a member of the Run Beyond running club. We are the newest kid on the block in terms of running clubs in Nairobi.

Our culture and values revolve around community and inclusivity; we are happy to accommodate everyone regardless of their current fitness levels. Walkers, slow runners and fast runners all have a home at Run Beyond as our major goal is to promote a physically active lifestyle.

What is the best place to buy running gear in Nairobi?

The Run Beyond store. Located at the Warwick Centre, UN Avenue Gigiri.

Recommend a Nairobi race to us!

Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon

I love the Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon for it's pomp and colour. It feels great to run amongst the huge number of people who turn up for the race (the Nairobi marathon has 22,000 participants).

Tigoni Trails

I would include Tigoni trails for the scenery and a reminder to spend more time on hill work!

What should we eat in Nairobi after a big training session or a race?

I normally head home for a big plate of Ugali, meat, greens and tea or wine. Plus a few hours of napping when I'm lucky!

Hilda showing off her medal from the Tigoni Trails Race

Many thanks to Hilda for taking the time to give us the lowdown on running in Nairobi. Let us know if you try any of her tips.

If you would like to talk about the running culture in your city or country, just drop us a message!

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