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Run the Thames

183 miles. 5 days.

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I'm due to return to the UK for a visit this weekend - what have I missed?

I have decided I should do something appropriately daft whilst I'm back to promote awareness of the mission of Sport for Africa and to raise funds for the initial 'Seeds for Sport' pilot. So, I am going to attempt to run the entire length of the Thames Path (183 miles, approximately seven marathons) from the Source in Kemble to the Thames Barrier in London, within five days in September.

The reason I'm doing it this way is simple. Whilst pondering whether crowdfunding was an option, I noticed that the crowdfunding campaign to build Trump's wall had received over 300,000 donations and reached $25 million. I figured if there's that many people who would be willing to fund the construction of something unpleasant and divisive, perhaps there's a few people who would be keen to do the opposite. I'd be happy to raise just 0.0001% of that total, but with as few friends as I have, perhaps $2500 may be a little ambitious. I am shooting for $1250 (at the time of writing, this is £1030 but may soon be the same in £ the way it's dropping. I can't imagine what caused that).

If you are passionate about creating opportunities and removing obstacles for change-makers who just need a helping hand to get started, please consider contributing a few pennies to allow us to start a revolution in grassroots sport provision in areas that will benefit from the power of sport the most.

It's a different kind of investment I suppose, not one that promises a financial return but an investment in the potential of community sports leaders and children in East Africa and an opportunity to see what happens when they are given the means and opportunity to do rather than dream.

The entire lifecycle of the Seeds for Sport pilot will be shared on including details of final totals, how the funds* are spent plus lessons learned from the process.

Also, if you fancy getting your running shoes on and joining for a few (or many) miles between September 18th and 22nd, I would be awfully glad of the company to keep the noises in my head from getting too vocal.

I would be grateful if you can share with any friends or family you think may be interested in getting involved with this challenge or Sport for Africa.

Many thanks for your support,


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