• Bali Hope

    The Bali Hope Ultramarathon and SwimRun are supreme tests of mental and physical fortitude. However, our emphasis is on community, team building, philanthropy and mutual support.


    Our primary event, the Bali Hope Ultramarathon, is an overnight 84 Km run coast to coast across the island of Bali. We also offer Southeast Asia’s first SwimRun, a unique event where contestants alternate between running 20km and swimming for 3km without any equipment changes.


    These multi-day experiences include luxury accommodation in stunning locales and activities allowing athletes to connect with each other and the causes they fundraise for.


    We’re aiming to transform communities in long-lasting ways. We support generationally impactful causes - education and environment. To date, participants have raised over $130K to send disadvantaged children to school and support vital environmental initiatives. Join our groups of extraordinary athletes from all over the world to embark on an epic, once in a lifetime adventure.

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