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    Running for England Masters marathon team at the 2017 Chester Marathon

    I'm Mark, an endurance athlete and coach. In November 2017, I left my project management job in London, UK to begin Adventures in Running, a personal project combining running and the exploration of running culture around the world. I also research how 'Sport for Social Change' initiatives are managed and funded across countries, governments and cultures.

    I am passionate about the use of sport as a tool for positive social impact, particularly in areas of social deprivation. I'm keen to understand barriers to participation and how to remove them to improve the chance of success.

    Utilising my background in project management and community sports coaching, I have partnered with initiatives and events in the UK, Colombia, Nicaragua, USA, Kenya & Uganda.


    To help fund my work, I provide online running coaching and training plans for runners who are looking to improve their running or training toward a personal goal. I also have a keen interest in mentoring those who may be struggling with grief or mental health issues. As someone who has relied on running as a support mechanism in times of difficulty myself, I can help you understand how running or physical activity can be utilised to compliment therapy or as a potential alternative to medication.


    I have been fortunate enough to travel, work, train and compete in 58 different countries, running over 20 marathons and ultra marathons in Europe, North America, South America and Africa.


    If you enjoy any of the content on here and fancy supporting me by buying me a coffee, I would massively appreciate it!


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