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    Running for England Masters marathon team at the 2017 Chester Marathon

    Mark C - endurance athlete, coach and adventurer.

    In November 2017, I left my Project Management job in London, UK to begin Adventures in Running, a personal project combining travel, running and the exploration of running culture around the world. I would also research how 'Sport for Social Change' initiatives are managed and funded across countries, governments and cultures.

    I am passionate about the use of sport as a tool for positive social impact, particularly in areas of social deprivation. I am keen to understand barriers to participation in sport in communities around the world and how to remove them to ensure the best chance of success.


    Utilising my background in project management and community sports coaching, I have partnered with initiatives and events in the UK, Colombia, Nicaragua, USA, Kenya & Uganda, including:


    HERON-RUN - partnering with the Health Inequalities Research Network (HERON) to provide free running sessions for young mental health service users aged 16-35 years in the borough of Southwark, London, UK


    Uganda International Marathon - a 7-day adventure in rural Uganda. Bringing people from all over the world to visit, connect with and support projects in an incredible community, culminating in the biggest international race in East Africa


    From Coach to Coach Uganda - working with community leaders in Eastern Uganda to create sports programmes, coaching workshops and build capacity that will allow young people to become self-reliant through sport


    Masaka Runners Club - providing free running fitness and technique sessions for club members who may not have the financial means to attend coached sessions


    Creative Canvas Uganda (CCU) - a community project in Ndegeya, Uganda providing additional education that does not form part of the school curriculum. Giving youngsters from ages 4-14 the opportunity to learn art, sport, music, small scale farming, cooking, drama, sex education, computer literacy and healthy living


    Sport for Africa - a social enterprise supporting grassroots sport organisations in East Africa. Exploring innovative, sustainable approaches to fund community sport and facilitating capacity building


    Run Kapchorwa - a project promoting running and sports tourism in Eastern Uganda in order to create employment, capability and community development


    I have provided consultation and project management to a number of social enterprises, charities and events in a wide range of areas: community coaching, capacity building, event management, funding vehicles & sponsorship, race planning & execution, productivity tools, continuous improvement initiatives, organisational structure, SEO, marketing & social media training.


    To help fund the project costs, I provide running coaching, mentorship and training plans for beginners and improvers who are looking for help with improving their running or training toward a personal goal. I also have a keen interest in mentoring those who may be struggling with grief or mental health issues. As someone who has relied on running as a support mechanism in times of difficulty myself, I can help you understand how running or physical activity can be utilised to compliment therapy or as a potential alternative to medication.


    I have been fortunate enough to travel, work, train and compete in 58 different countries, running over 20 marathons and ultra marathons in Europe, North America, South America and Africa.


    If you are interested in discussing ideas or know of people or initiatives who may be a good fit with my work, you can contact me.


    If you like what you see and fancy buying me a coffee that would be lovely!





    Where I've been and where I'm headed next...


    Currently in: Uganda

    16th - 19th Nov 2017 - Toronto, Canada

    20th Nov - 26th Dec 2017 - Colombia

    3rd Dec 2017 - DEL MAR A LA CIMA (42K), Santa Marta, Colombia

    27th Dec - 4th Jan 2018 - Panama

    4th - 12th Jan 2018 - Costa Rica

    12th Jan - 13th Feb 2018 - Nicaragua

    13th - 19th Feb 2018 - El Salvador

    19th Feb - 13th Mar 2018 - Guatemala

    13th - 15th Mar 2018 - Belize

    15th Mar - 2nd Apr 2018 - Mexico

    4th - 10th Apr 2018 - Chicago, USA

    10th - 15th Apr 2018 - Nova Scotia, Canada

    16th April 2018 - BOSTON MARATHON, USA

    22nd April 2018 - LONDON MARATHON, UK

    May 2018 - Uganda

    2nd June 2018 - Uganda International Marathon, Uganda

    19th Jun - 3rd Jul 2018 - Kenya

    4th - 13th Jul 2018 - Uganda

    August 2018 - UK

    16th September 2018 - BERLIN MARATHON, Germany

    7th October 2018 - CHICAGO MARATHON, USA

    4th November 2018 - NEW YORK MARATHON, USA

    6th - 7th Nov 2018 - Philadelphia, USA

    8th - 11th Nov 2018 - Washington, USA

    12th Nov - Dec 2018 - Chicago, USA

    Dec 2018 - UK

    30th Dec 2018 - Mar 2019 - Uganda

    March 2019 - Chicago. USA

    15th April 2019 - BOSTON MARATHON, USA

    May 2019 - Uganda

    1st June 2019 - Uganda International Marathon, Uganda

    9th June 2019 - COMRADES MARATHON, SA

    July 2019 - Uganda

    August 2019 - Kenya

    September 2019 - UK

    Oct 2019 - May 2020 - Uganda

    June 2020 - October 2020 - UK

    November 2020 - Uganda


    Follow the adventure... @markc_run

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